Proposed Changes to the Driving Test: The Government U-Turn

After experiencing some success with the manoeuvre over the last few months the Government will this week be introducing the U-turn to all DVSA Practical Driving Tests. The decision comes after the Government has undertaken 11 U-turns in the past 14 weeks, clearly feeling the manoeuvre should be a part of everyone’s driving repertoire. As they have been coming thick and fast in recent months, there may be some benefit to the proposal.

Maggie Thatcher once famously said “You turn if you want to, the lady’s not for turning!” – well it seems her latest successor isn’t so afraid to take a sharp turn. From face masks in schools to A-level results, free school meals to the NHS test and trace app, schools returning before summer and the NHS fee for foreign health workers. This Government has U-turned until the steering column fell off.

The U-turn will be added as a 3rd possible manoeuvre on driving tests, alongside driving with your blinkers on and reversing on your plans. It is expected that the move will include driving brazenly without a care for others before sharply coming back on yourself having finally seen the problems you’ve caused.

The decision to incorporate the U-turn into the driving test will be a welcome addition for the rest of the population who, up until now, didn’t have the luxury of simply turning back on work place mishaps due to their own incompetence.

However, questions will be asked as to whether the normalisation of such a poor manoeuvre could set a dangerous precedent. After all, it’s the Governments job to lead the way on policy. Rather than putting the car in first gear, revving it to the limiter and slamming it into fifth without a care for the car or its passengers. Perhaps a more measured approach followed by a gentle transition between gears would not only better serve the car and its passengers, but would leave the driver in a better light too.

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