Sarah Everard: the Final Straw in the Fight for Women’s Safety?

In a week that should have celebrated the amazing achievements of women across the world on International Women’s Day, but also those closer to home on Mother’s day, the tragic murder of Sarah Everard by a serving policeman has instead sadly highlighted that men, as part of a wider societal effort, need to do farContinue reading “Sarah Everard: the Final Straw in the Fight for Women’s Safety?”

The Only Way is Sussex – a Very Royal Reality Show

It’s been a while since I put pen to paper…or should I say keyboard to digitally recreated A4? The time constraints brought on by finally getting a job back in November did leave little room for moaning on the internet. I’d like to think the reason I’ve not been keeping up to date with myContinue reading “The Only Way is Sussex – a Very Royal Reality Show”

Cummings and Goings

On Friday evening the image of Dominic Cummings leaving number 10 began circulating on social media with some ferocity. The campaign mastermind behind Brexit and Boris Johnson’s 2019 election victory had handed in his resignation. In a final act of theatre, the pantomime villain trundled out the front door with his belongings in a cardboardContinue reading “Cummings and Goings”

Second English Lockdown Shows No Lessons Learned

Apparently the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Yet here he we are watching the prime minister make the same fundamental errors he made back in March. It was Johnson himself who coined the phrase ‘dither and delay’ when describing his Brexit opponents; ironically,Continue reading “Second English Lockdown Shows No Lessons Learned”

Has Covid-19 Highlighted Cracks in the Union?

In a week which has seen Scotland introduce its own, extended Covid-19 tier system; Wales resorting to a 17-day ‘firebreak’ lockdown; and vocal opposition from Andy Burnham, the Metro Mayor of Greater Manchester, to the Government’s tier 3 restrictions, I ask: are we really that united? When Tony Blair enshrined the promise of Welsh andContinue reading “Has Covid-19 Highlighted Cracks in the Union?”

The ‘Unexpected and Invisible Mugger’ is Back – But We Should Have Seen Him Coming

The second wave is here. Blindsided by their desire for a sharp economic bounce back and a summer of vanity obsessions the Government have failed to deal with the virus. Perhaps an eye test at Barnard Castle would have helped Boris Johnson foresee the mess we’re in? Or better yet, perhaps he should have justContinue reading “The ‘Unexpected and Invisible Mugger’ is Back – But We Should Have Seen Him Coming”

There Were No Winners at Last Night’s Presidential Debate – and the Biggest Loser Was the American People

With a break from the norm I have decided to briefly turn away from British politics. In equal parts awe and dismay I turned my eye to the first of the Presidential debates between Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. My expectations were low, and boy they didn’t disappoint. The pair certainly delivered.Continue reading “There Were No Winners at Last Night’s Presidential Debate – and the Biggest Loser Was the American People”

Was a Second Wave Inevitable?

It has been just over 6 months since Boris Johnson addressed the nation with the news of a national lockdown. Hand washing, social distancing and staying home wherever possible became the mantra which we were told to live by –  fail to do these things and the virus would not be suppressed. But we didContinue reading “Was a Second Wave Inevitable?”

Internal Market Bill Passes First Commons Hurdle

Last night Boris Johnson’s controversial bid to override parts of his Brexit deal overcame a major hurdle in Parliament. The Internal Market Bill has faced extensive criticism from all directions, including the last five living Prime Ministers, but Boris Johnson won the vote for his proposed legislation by 340 to 263, a majority of 77.Continue reading “Internal Market Bill Passes First Commons Hurdle”

Proposed Changes to the Driving Test: The Government U-Turn

After experiencing some success with the manoeuvre over the last few months the Government will this week be introducing the U-turn to all DVSA Practical Driving Tests. The decision comes after the Government has undertaken 11 U-turns in the past 14 weeks, clearly feeling the manoeuvre should be a part of everyone’s driving repertoire. AsContinue reading “Proposed Changes to the Driving Test: The Government U-Turn”