The ‘Unexpected and Invisible Mugger’ is Back – But We Should Have Seen Him Coming

The second wave is here. Blindsided by their desire for a sharp economic bounce back and a summer of vanity obsessions the Government have failed to deal with the virus. Perhaps an eye test at Barnard Castle would have helped Boris Johnson foresee the mess we’re in? Or better yet, perhaps he should have justContinue reading “The ‘Unexpected and Invisible Mugger’ is Back – But We Should Have Seen Him Coming”

Proposed Changes to the Driving Test: The Government U-Turn

After experiencing some success with the manoeuvre over the last few months the Government will this week be introducing the U-turn to all DVSA Practical Driving Tests. The decision comes after the Government has undertaken 11 U-turns in the past 14 weeks, clearly feeling the manoeuvre should be a part of everyone’s driving repertoire. AsContinue reading “Proposed Changes to the Driving Test: The Government U-Turn”

Robert Jenrick and ‘Cash for Favours’ Row

With parts of the UK hitting 31 degrees today one would be forgiven for thinking that’s the reason why Robert Jenrick has been left red-faced. The reality, however, is that the Housing Secretary has found himself in hot water over a ‘cash for favours’ row involving the billionaire former newspaper tycoon Richard Desmond. Following pressureContinue reading “Robert Jenrick and ‘Cash for Favours’ Row”