The Sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey and The End of ‘Corbynism’?

Yesterday’s news that Rebecca Long-Bailey, the Shadow Education Secretary, had been sacked did come as quite a shock when I was sat in my garden enjoying the sun. The dismissal came after Long-Bailey retweeted an interview where actor and Labour supporter Maxine Peake was said to have propagated “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories”. The incident has successfullyContinue reading “The Sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey and The End of ‘Corbynism’?”

Robert Jenrick and ‘Cash for Favours’ Row

With parts of the UK hitting 31 degrees today one would be forgiven for thinking that’s the reason why Robert Jenrick has been left red-faced. The reality, however, is that the Housing Secretary has found himself in hot water over a ‘cash for favours’ row involving the billionaire former newspaper tycoon Richard Desmond. Following pressureContinue reading “Robert Jenrick and ‘Cash for Favours’ Row”