Proposed Changes to the Driving Test: The Government U-Turn

After experiencing some success with the manoeuvre over the last few months the Government will this week be introducing the U-turn to all DVSA Practical Driving Tests. The decision comes after the Government has undertaken 11 U-turns in the past 14 weeks, clearly feeling the manoeuvre should be a part of everyone’s driving repertoire. AsContinue reading “Proposed Changes to the Driving Test: The Government U-Turn”

Gavin Williamson’s Disasterclass

In another embarrassing U-turn for the Government Gavin Williamson has been forced to abandon the “unfair” exam algorithm used by Ofqual which downgraded 40% of A-level results in England. Instead, after much undue stress, upset and turmoil, students will now be awarded their teacher predicted grades after all. Although the move will be welcomed byContinue reading “Gavin Williamson’s Disasterclass”

Cruyff Turns or U-Turns?

2020 has been an odd year hasn’t it. It has somehow managed to feel like the fastest yet also the longest year ever. So much seems to have happened that even the most striking things –  the Australian Wildfires, the death of Kobe Bryant, the impeachment trial of Donald Trump – seem like a lifeContinue reading “Cruyff Turns or U-Turns?”